Credit screening

Reduce bad debt, skips, and evictions by screening applicants with our highly predictive scoring model. It’s powered by our proprietary ResidentScore algorithm that leverages the most recent TransUnion credit data and analysis.

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Criminal screening

Protect your properties from risky residents with recommendations based on coast-to-coast criminal coverage and eviction data, and our data-science-based matching logic for more accurate results.

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Make smarter applicant decisions with TransUnion’s predictive, cutting-edge scoring model. Our screening could save you as much as $6,525 per year, per property,* and help you acquire the quality residents you want with less risk to your portfolio.

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Eviction solutions

Avoid costly mistakes with TransUnion’s National Eviction Search, a service which is national, instant and includes court filings, and possession and monetary judgments. In addition, get lease recommendations for applicants with prior eviction records with Eviction Recommendation.

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Put your entire rental process online—from lead to lease. It's easy, efficient, and completely paperless –anytime.

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Attract qualified, credit-conscious applicants while reducing chronic non-payers. Stand out from your competitors with a unique marketing advantage that helps your residents build their credit histories.

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Spot risks and benchmark your portfolio. Proprietary analytics and credit/evictions databases identify risky move-ins, show how you compare to the local competition, and project expected rental credit losses.

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