We all win when we report our rental data

It’s fast, easy and free to report rental payment information to TransUnion.

Reporting rent payments is good for the industry

Unlike homeowners, most renters see no benefits to their credit scores for on-time payments. But you can help change that by reporting payment activity. TransUnion ResidentCredit® encourages property managers to report rental payment performance of their residents.

The benefits accrue to everyone

  • Residents may build their credit histories and could increase their purchasing power
  • You can attract better residents and reward those who pay on-time
  • The multi-housing industry becomes more efficient and reduces losses

Encourages residents to pay on-time

Only TransUnion ResidentCredit accepts and discloses both positive and negative data. This encourages your residents to pay on time and lets you see delinquencies in real time as you screen applicants—not just as collections or public records in arrears.

Start reporting today!

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ResidentCredit is available to property managers with 100 or more units. For more information, see our frequently asked questions for consumers or for property managers.