Better identify eviction risks before signing new residents

Double the benefits with our eviction solutions: National Eviction Search and Eviction Recommendation. Comprehensive eviction solutions, with increased accuracy, reveal full eviction histories and score prospective residents.

Evictions directly affect your bottom line, so use TransUnion's powerful eviction solutions to avoid costly mistakes.

Robust, nationwide eviction searches

TransUnion's National Eviction Search applies our powerful matching logic to eviction searches for even stronger results. National Eviction Search covers court filings and possession and monetary judgments, so if there's information, you'll find it:

  • Landlord/resident court filings, including new suits and petitions
  • Possession judgments
  • Monetary judgments
  • Forcible detainer possession-only judgments with no monetary award

ResidentScore with Eviction Recommendation eliminates the guesswork

Eviction Recommendation uses the sophisticated ResidentScore decision model to provide lease recommendations on applicants with prior eviction records.

Actual customer validation shows that using ResidentScore with Eviction Recommendation reduces evictions 6% more than using ResidentScore alone, resulting in an additional $528,000 in savings. (Based on customer portfolio of approximately 30,000 residents and national average eviction costs of $3,500.)

Start searching for evictions with TransUnion eviction solutions

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